A Demon's Wrath: Parts 1 & 2 - Sarra Cannon

A Demon's Wrath: Parts 1 & 2

By Sarra Cannon

  • Release Date: 2013-11-05
  • Genre: Paranormal
Score: 5
From 63 Ratings


“In order to move toward my future, I knew I would have to face my past. If Harper was to ever really understand me, she would have to also understand my greatest triumphs and my darkest secrets.”

Jackson’s past is complicated, but he has something very special he wants to ask Harper before the approaching war with the remaining priestesses of the Order begins. Part flashback, part present day, A Demon’s Wrath will take you on a journey through both Peachville and The Shadow World where you will learn more about Jackson’s life just before and after his brother Aerden was taken by the Order of Shadows.

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*Formerly called The Peachville High Demons Series.*

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  • Love really does conquer all

    By RoseWink15
    I always love when an author goes back and rewrites a story in the view of another or continues it through a supporting character. I wish I could fill a heart stone to let Sarra Cannon how beautifully this story is written and how much hope for passion it gives me. I contemplated going straight to book 7 of the shadow demons, but saw that this fell between them in the timeline and knew that I would read it in one sitting anyways, so pushing 7 back a day was so worth it. Finding out Jackson's truth about Lea and having him share that with Harper makes all of their moments up to this point so much better. If you've read the preceding 6 books to this point, please read this one. Just do it, don't even hesitate thinking well it's just a side story, because it's not, it's so much more. I really would love to see more of Jackson's point of view in the future. Also if you're a total book junky like me and you have those characters you can never get enough of *cough* Harry Potter *cough* *cough* Rae Kerrigan (we all know JK Rowling, but check out WJ May when you're desperately waiting for the next Sarra Cannon), I think Harper Madison Brighton has made my shelf of books I could read over and over, even more so now seeing her through Jackson's eyes. So excited to move on to book 7, and also glad I found this series once it was complete because I cannot put it down for the life of me and having to wait would be as torturous as waiting 50 years till you find the right portal to be reunited with your long loss twin and then not even being able to do anything about his enslavement until your soulmate comes along and makes you whole enough to see that there is no end to hope, no end to the power of love that overcomes all.
  • A Demon's Wrath

    By evebabygirl1
    The love between Jackson and Harper is so strong there are times I can actually feel it in my heart.
  • Demons Wrath Part 1

    By Hannah2014RIP
    I loved Harper in the first six books, but Jackson's drama left me a little sad. Still a five star but Sarra can write so much better.
  • Love it

    By Nakwartz
    Love all your books have read all am on death awakening you are an amazing writer. I keep imagining how great your books will be in a movie form..... If there is 10 stars I will give u, so u take five stars from me
  • Great backstory!

    By Dr. Beth
    I loved this book and how it filled in a lot of the demon backstory! Great insight into Jackson & Lea's real relationship. This is definitely a great addition to the Peachville High Demons series! I can't wait to read part II.
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