The Practice of the Presence of God - of the Resurrection Lawrence

The Practice of the Presence of God

By of the Resurrection Lawrence

  • Release Date: 1691-01-01
  • Genre: Spirituality
Score: 5
From 153 Ratings


The Practice of the Presence of God was written over 300 years ago in a French monastery, by Brother Lawrence of the Resurrection, who as a humble servant during his daily chores 'practiced the presence of God. ' By putting God first and recognizing his sinful nature and turning that over to God, Brother Lawrence was able to live each day knowing he was in the presence of God.

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  • Quietly overtaken

    By Roblee18
    Good and an easy read. Putting into practice. Thanks
  • I can seek His Presence

    By Awessommmmmmmee
    This book spoke volumes to me even at a young age!
  • Life Changing

    By bnjmnmyers
    The bible is only other book that has affected my life more than this book. The truths in this book will challenge you but lead you into a life of discipline in relationship with the Father. That discipline will turn into sheer joy and desire for intimate, moment by moment relationship with Abba.
  • Love God & Love your Neighbor(s)

    By FedUpNKy
    I have incorporated this small book into my morning reflection & prayer time. Jesus taught us how to live. Brother Lawrence gives us practical advice on how to accomplish what Jesus asked us to do. Jesus was asked “Tell us, what is the greatest commandment Teacher?” Jesus said, “ Love God with everything thing you got. A second is like it, Love your Neighbor as you love yourself. This is what it’s all about”. Love God & Love your Neighbor(s).
  • Live in faith by faith

    By Will Bog
    To practice God's continual presence in my life is a lifelong journey of sanctification. I am in change continually as the Lord molds me into His man. This little book helps me yearly to define my life! Amen, and amen! Brother Lawrence continues to minister to me many years after he wrote this little book, and many years after my first reading.
  • A companion

    By Jefferson Street
    These letters and recollections of Brother Lawrence are the sweetest companion for the earnest believer. The gentleness and humility communicated through these words effortless open up the heart of the reader. I've read, retread, and revisited this book many, many times. It rests with me always, like a compass made for directing my attention.
  • How to live in His Presence

    By Mag_E_Haas
    All my life I have longed to find a book that either taught me how to truly live with the LORD every day of my life or at least provide practical examples. This book did just that. The entire booklet from the forward written by someone else to the actual prayers of Brother Lawrence oozed with innuendoes of Biblical truth and practice. He made living the Christian life so practical and full of hope. You find yourself being encouraged and hopeful. It can be read in one sitting or as I did, reading each letter a different day so I could really meditate on the meat of it its teachings. If only the great Christian writers of today could write so simply and concise.
  • The practice of the presence of God

    By sonata67
    Very powerful reading. I have read this book many times and continue to read it. I always get something new from it!!!
  • One of the most life impacting books I've ever read

    By keacam
    I will read and reread this book. This was my first time and I so wish I wouldn't have waited so long to. It is free for crying out loud!! I would pay $50 for this book. What an incredibly anointed man. Read it read it PLEASE read it.
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