Leah Nash Mysteries, Vol. 2-3 - Susan Hunter

Leah Nash Mysteries, Vol. 2-3

By Susan Hunter

  • Release Date: 2017-01-22
  • Genre: Women Sleuths


Dangerous Mistakes
Small-town reporter Leah Nash has a plan. She’s rebooting her career with a true-crime book based on a major story she broke. Until it’s published, she’s trying to keep her head down under the icy glare of her new boss at the Himmel Times Weekly. But then a local surgeon dies, his daughter begs Leah for help, and all bets are off.
The medical examiner, the police, and the district attorney have written the death off as suicide. And with good reason. The surgeon had a motive, he left a note, and there’s no evidence anyone else was at the scene. Still, his daughter insists that her father was murdered. And hard-headed though she is, Leah has a soft-spot for lost causes.

Soon she’s involved in a cat and mouse game with a clever killer who seems to know her next move before she does. But the game ends when someone she loves is next on the list. Can Leah find the answers before it’s too late?

Dangerous Places
When teenager Heather Young disappeared from the small town of Himmel, Wisconsin everyone believed her boyfriend had killed her—though her body was never found. Twenty years later, his little sister Sammy asks Leah Nash to prove her brother isn’t a murderer. 
But Sammy has no new evidence, and her brother doesn’t want Leah’s help. Leah says no—but she can’t help feeling guilty about it.  That feeling gets much worse when Sammy is killed in a suspicious car accident. That’s when the independent, irreverent, unstoppable Leah takes up her cause. Her investigation takes her to some dark and dangerous places, and the truth she finds has an unexpected and shattering impact on her own life.

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