2017 Missouri Standard Specifications for Highway Construction - MoDOT

2017 Missouri Standard Specifications for Highway Construction


  • Release Date: 2018-01-01
  • Genre: Transportation


Revisions effective for January 2018 are incorporated in this book and pertains to projects to be let in January 2018 bid letting.

The standard specifications book contains material, equipment and construction requirements for times specified in the construction of Missouri's transportation infrastructure. Specifically, the publication provides specifications for the following items:

Section 100  -  General Conditions of the Contract
Section 200   -  Grading and Removals Section
Section 300   -  Bases and Aggregate Surfaces
Section 400   -  Flexible Pavements
Section 500   -  Rigid Pavements
Section 600   -  Incidental Construction
Section 700   -  Structures
Section 800   -  Roadside Development
Section 900   -  Traffic Control Facilities
Section 1000 -  Materials Details

This electronic publication is provided for informational purposes and the convenience of those accessing it only. By providing the standard specifications in this electronic format, the Missouri Highway and Transportation Commission and the Missouri Department of Transportation do no intend to form a contract with any person, nor shall any of the information  may be relied upon by any person as forming a part of any contract. The printed and published contents of the Missouri Standard Specification for Highway Construction - 2017 Edition, as they have been revised by the General Special Provisions or Job Special Provisions of the bidding and contract documents for a particular project shall always control over the information provided in this electronic publication.

Tim Oligschlaeger
Standards Specialist
Design Division
Missouri Department of Transportation

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