The Troublemaker - Lili Valente

The Troublemaker

By Lili Valente

  • Release Date: 2018-04-23
  • Genre: Romantic Comedy
Score: 4.5
From 25 Ratings


They say Rafe Hunter is trouble with a capital T.

I say—bring it on. 

As long as Trouble comes in a package as delicious as Rafe’s, I’m ready to climb on his Harley and ride all night long—and I’m not just talking about his motorcycle. 

I can hide out until the scandal with my evil ex blows over AND have a wild rebound at the same time. Besides, I’ve got no heart left to break. My ex made sure of that.

As long as Rafe and I keep our no-strings fling from our families, what can possibly go wrong?

This is so damned wrong. 

I don’t do drama, and this thing with Carrie Haverford has Bad News written all over it. After one red-hot kiss, I know I should cut and run. 

Instead I take her home, take her in her car, take her to the beach and make her scream louder than the crashing waves. And then I take her so far into my heart I don’t see how I’m ever going to let her go.

They say the bigger and badder they are, the harder they fall. But when I fall for a girl with third degree love burns, how can I convince her that fire is a good thing?
This sexy Standalone romance will make you laugh, melt, and fall madly in love. 

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  • Make you melt!

    By GreyGirl50
    Rafe Hunter and Carrie Haverford are both trouble, in one form or another. They’re also related by marriage, which makes their white hot attraction to each other something they have to resist. But when Carrie needs a place to crash to avoid dealing with her mother, will they be able to hide their feelings? Will these two rebels find a way to be rebelliously in love with each other? This is a sexy story that is guaranteed to make you laugh, get you hot, and make you melt. I loved it!
  • Light frothy read

    By Susanmcqusie
    This is a fun follow up to The Baby Maker. Rafe’s brother has married Carrie’s sister. Both of them are wary of relationships, but when Carrie’s world is turned upside down by an ex, she decides that a fling with Rafe might be a fun distraction. While both of them think they can keep each other in the friends with benefits zone, of course their relationship becomes more. Great fun read, not real mentally taxing.
  • Trouble for sure

    By Terri Dickey
    Carrie Haverford goes through life at the beat of her own drum. She writes books for school age children and has a very successful career. She has the tips of her hair dyed purple and she wears combat boots. She is staying at her sister Emma’s home for her wedding to the handsome Dylan Hunter. Carrie is trying to lay low from an incident that happened when she was a guest speaker at a middle school recently and live in the guest house until she figures out what to do from this point. Along comes the devilishly hot Rafe Hunter, Dylan’s brother that lives on the wild side of life as well. He owns his own motorcycle repair business and lives life to the fullest with no intention of getting tied down to one woman. He is happy for his brother but it’s just not for him. Carrie also has the opinion that humans are not meant to be tied to one person so she has no illusions of finding “The One” and settling down. Just when Carrie thinks it can’t get any worse it does so Rafe takes her away from it all and they decide even though it’s a terrible idea since her sister is married to his brother they need a “no strings attached” F buddy. No problems right, if they are both on the same page, neither one wants a relationship beyond the physical so just keep it quiet and all is well in the world. Well life has a funny way of biting us in the backside and that happens to Carrie and Rafe. This is a great book. This follows The Baby Maker which was also a fantastic book. You don’t have to read it first but trust me you will want to. Rafe and Carrie both have deep emotional feelings they keep bottled up and together they are able to heal from past hurts. This is a HOT, funny, passionate book that will make you laugh out loud, have a tear or two and route for this couple to find each other and realize what their future can truly be. I received an early copy to read and review and give my honest opinion. I LOVED IT! Highly recommend it. These Hunter men are so deliciously yummy and the Haverford ladies are independent, smart, hilarious and passionate.
  • Hello Trouble

    By Szmoromou
    The Troublemaker by Lili Valente is funny, romantic, hot and oh so sweet. Rafe and Carrie are the black sheeps of their families. Rafe is Dylan's brother and Carrie is Emma's sister from The Baby Maker. Rafe and Carrie don't believe in "Happily Ever After." They both have their baggages. Carrie is getting over the betrayal of her ex, and Rafe just doesn't believe in anything more than a good time. They know getting involved is a "BAD IDEA", but when have these two ever played it safe. Rafe can't deny that Carrie pulls at his heart strings. He wants to make her feel better, bring a smile to her face. He can do that without getting her in sack, right? Carrie has this crazy attraction to Dylan, and he makes her feel safe even though she doesn't know him long. One night under the tent is all it takes for these two to know that what they have isn't just scratching an itch. What started off as one comforting another, having a good time, turns into a love story like no other. Lili Valente never disappoints. The sizzling attraction between Carrie and Rafe is off the tracts. If your looking for a story with a hot mouthed biker with a heart of gold and a strong, wild, rebellious goddess then The Troublemaker is the book for you.
  • Oh the trouble....

    By JLKeniston
    What a great book! But then again I hove all of Lili’s books!! Lili sure has a way with words that make me feel like I’m right there experiencing what I’m reading! The details are right on full of sweet passion and lots of sexy moments to fantasize about! I loved Carrie and Rafe ❤️ They both have their faults and hang ups but the ending is one of the best yet! So sweet. Can’t wait to continue this series and read Tristen’s story!!
  • Review: The Troublemaker

    By @LisaHines711
    The Troublemaker by Lili Valente is the second standalone romance surrounding the Hunter brothers and the women that bring them to their knees (in the best way). Told in dual POV between Rafe Hunter and Carrie Haverford, this story is a standalone romance complete with a happily ever after. Rafe Hunter is NOT interested in his Sister-In-Laws sister. Not at all. not even a little bit. That would be weird, right? Nope - Not her sexy body, firecracker attitude, none of it draws him in and leaves him wanting. His brother's wedding to her sister is NOT the time to get up close and personal with every inch of Carrie Haverford's gorgeous skin. Carrie is escaping from the world. Her ex really did a number on her. Not just her emotions but on her career too. Some "distraction" with her hunky brother-in-law's brother sounds like just the flirt of danger she needs. Rafe is too good-looking to want to pass up but starting anything with him will mean years of future awkwardness at family gatherings. So NOT worth it, right? Well... How bad could it be - they are both adults. What neither Rafe nor Carrie expected was the connection they shared. The sizzle. The chemistry. Both are serious commitment-phobes who have managed to find the one person that makes them want to change that fact - for each other. Well-paced and well-written as always this sexy steamy read has all the emotional high points and a bit of angst woven in for depth. Loved it! Enjoy!
  • Flirty, Fun & Sexy

    By KindleKat64
    This book was so much fun! Flirty, funny, hot and sexy, Rafe & Carrie will make you smile, laugh and even make you blush! I love their sexy banter and they have such smoldering chemistry they can't keep their hands or anything else off each other. Neither of them wants a relationship but they sure as heck want each other so they decide to have a fling but keep it a secret since their siblings are married and they don't want things to be awkward. This of course leads to the teepee of silence which is probably the hottest teepee I've ever heard of. These two are so hot and steamy together!! So of course once ends up not enough for either of them and as they continue to secretly see each other, feelings eventually step into the mix. I love watching them fall for each other as it just seems to happen organically and it's beautiful. They really are so good for each other. The storyline of what Carrie is going through professionally is really good too and I love how Rafe ends up backing her up so she can put an end to what that tool Jordan is doing to her. I laughed when Rafe chases him! I also love that we get some scenes with Dylan & Emma's little baby Mercy. There is just so much to love about this story!! And that last chapter has me so looking forward to Tristan's book next. It's going to be great!
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