The Detective - Vanessa Waltz

The Detective

By Vanessa Waltz

  • Release Date: 2017-08-26
  • Genre: Contemporary


I should have done my duty, but instead I did her dirty.

Don't be fooled by the uniform. There's badge around my neck, but that doesn't make me a hero. I'm just a dirty cop with a revenge fantasy. 

Jasmine was a beauty in the photo, the girl who belongs to a man I hate. The plan was simple: Find her, get laid, come home. 

Then she became more than a fantasy. Hell, she's the girl of my dreams. I don’t want to take her back, I want her home with me. Except Jasmine won’t leave, and I won’t leave her. It would be perfect, if it weren’t for Richard. 

Her ex. The FBI agent. We were destined to hate each other, and now he knows I stole his girl. The bastard knows where I am, and he’s coming. 

When she confronts her past, I'll be there to protect her.


He's supposed to find and bring me home... and I just slept with him.

One day I left it all behind. Just me, my cute little trailer, and freedom.

No one in Fair Oaks knows where I'm from or why I'm here, and no one seems to care... until I catch the eye of a sexy stranger while tending bar and end up in his arms.

It was an all-night freak-fest. Hot, passionate, and dirty. Just what I needed. There's only one complication: The toe curling, mind-blowing love god I just spent the night with is a detective sent to track me down and take me home. 

Now I'm stuck with him.

I'm not leaving town and he's not leaving without me. I can't stay away from him and I can't go with him. Even if he drives me and the entire town crazy. The longer he stays, the more I don't want him to go.

I can't stay. I can't go back with him. Now that my ex is back, I'll have to run again to save us both…

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