Trumpocracy - David Frum


By David Frum

  • Release Date: 2018-01-16
  • Genre: Politics & Current Events
Score: 4
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A New York Times Bestseller!

Bestselling author, former White House speechwriter, and Atlantic columnist and media commentator David Frum explains why President Trump has undermined our most important institutions in ways even the most critical media has missed, in this thoughtful and hard-hitting book that is a warning for democracy and America’s future.

"From Russia to South Africa, from Turkey to the Philippines, from Venezuela to Hungary, authoritarian leaders have smashed restraints on their power. Media freedom and judicial independence have eroded. The right to vote remains, but the right to have one’s vote counted fairly may not. Until the US presidential election of 2016, the global decline of democracy seemed a concern for other peoples in other lands. . . . That complacent optimism has been upended by the political rise of Donald Trump. The crisis is upon Americans, here and now."

Quietly, steadily, Trump and his administration are damaging the tenets and accepted practices of American democracy, perhaps irrevocably. As he and his family enrich themselves, the presidency itself falls into the hands of the generals and financiers who surround him.

While much of the country has been focused on Russia, David Frum has been collecting the lies, obfuscations, and flagrant disregard for the traditional limits placed on the office of the presidency. In Trumpocracy, he documents how Trump and his administration are steadily damaging the tenets and accepted practices of American democracy. During his own White House tenure as George W. Bush’s speechwriter, Frum witnessed the ways the presidency is limited not by law but by tradition, propriety, and public outcry, all now weakened. Whether the Trump presidency lasts two, four, or eight more years, he has changed the nature of the office for the worse, and likely for decades.

In this powerful and eye-opening book, Frum makes clear that the hard work of recovery starts at home. Trumpocracy outlines how Trump could push America toward illiberalism, what the consequences could be for our nation and our everyday lives, and what we can do to prevent it.

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  • Highly recommend

    By Heartenedreader
    I have been reading Frum more often since the election of 2016. It is heartening to read his principled rejection of this corrupt presidency.
  • A must read if you love Democracy

    By chombis1
    Frum aptly dissects the unfolding threat of America’s crumbling balance of powers and traditional values. He clearly elucidates a more frightening and pervasive threat than most Americans realize or are able to discern. This is not a book one can digest in one reading. It is like watching a horror movie that gets scarier by the minute. It is not, however, a movie: it is real, and it is happening before our eyes. Read it and you will fully understand that the damage being wreaked on our institutions, our values, and our principles is not just temporary. The ongoing vitiation of American values cannot and will most likely not be reversed by simply letting the perpetrators go away after four years. What can we, as law abiding citizens do to prevent the break up of America as we know it? Frum provides some answers. But we need to find the answers ourselves as citizens of our great democratic experiment.
  • Frumpnation

    By Getoveryourselfnow
    Don't listen to the prior reviews, obviously they still have on their blinders and can't see that this nonpresident is trying to drive this nation into disaster and chaos. Read this book and vote to take back our country from a traitor and treasonous liar!
  • Libatards at their last gasp

    By Kokjnh
    As the libs fall at the feet of a real leader watch them squirm and be reduced to writing books of what they wished the world still looked like. This book is a perfect depiction of just another tard loosing his mind and resorting to tell all lies.
  • Trump=freedom

    By Gooblygobluhj77788556599
    If this book is true then why are most Americans feeling successful and free in their small businesses again? This book has it completely backwards. This president stands for freedom not communism like the last administration!
  • Marginal fiction.

    By ihassense
    Enjoy your elitist money, sheep herder.
  • Liberal garbage

    By Dallomp
    Don’t read this garbage.
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